Arthur H

The Parisian pianist, songwriter and singer has already taken France by storm with his experimental blend of electronica, pop, and jazz. Now, he’s making his mark across globe, including at POP!

Pianist, singer, and songwriter Arthur H has been hailed as the quintessential French chanteur, a musical heir to Serge Gainsbourg with echoes of Tom Waits and Boris Vian. Arthur H is known for his melodic, cracked voice, electrifying live performances, and lyrics that fuse poetry with sensuality and humor. His singing is marked by a seductive musicality, delivered with passion and a charming nonchalance that, while distinctly French in style, transcends language. With musical influences that include Thelonious Monk, the Sex Pistols, jazz, blues, rock, electro, Middle Eastern, and gypsy music, Arthur H’s singular sound world has been compared to the striking paintings of Hieronymus Bosch—each album is a brand new trip, a new imaginative and sonic exploration.
Baba Love, Arthur H’s tenth studio album, includes songs in French and English and features duets with guest performers such as American MC Saul Williams, legendary French actor Jean-Louis Trintignant, and Arthur H’s own sister, the singer Izia, among others. To produce Baba Love, Arthur H founded his own production and publishing company, and recorded on diverse instruments including an organ used by The Doors, a Vox Electra, a 1974 Rhodes piano, and an old mellotron from the 1960s to create a pure and organic sound.

On Stage :
Arthur H
Guitar: Antoine Montgaudon
Drums: Florent Savigny
Keyboards: Laurent Bardainne
Bass: Juan Guillebon
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