Clap Your Hands Say Yeah

Since their 2005 debut, Brooklyn-based CYHSY have been evolving and refining their gritty-electro-rock sound. If you can make out Alec Ounsworth’s lyrics, I will personally buy you a beer.

Their first new album in more than three years, Hysterical marks a major milestone in the continuing evolution of Clap Your Hands Say Yeah. Born out of an intensely collaborative process in which songs were constructed, dismantled, and then rebuilt anew, the album finds the band – Alec Ounsworth (guitar, vocals), Robbie Guertin (guitar, keyboards), Lee Sargent (keyboards, guitar), Tyler Sargent (bass guitar), and Sean Greenhalgh (drums, percussion) – at their most confident and creative, expertly expanding upon its already distinctive sound. From the chrome-plated licks of “Maniac” and the title track to the sheets of eddying synths and emotive motorik pulsebeats of “Into Your Alien Arms” and “Ketamine and Ecstasy,” the band delivers up sonically provocative pop music that is simultaneously jubilant, mesmeric, and altogether infectious. Hysterical reveals Clap Your Hands Say Yeah to be a wholly developed band in full command of their unique artistic gifts.