Noni Wo


A member of Pat Jordache and formerly of Shapes And Sizes, Rory Seydel’s new project is Noni Wo. Interlocking guitar figures, live electronic drum samples, and bizarre effects meld to create a futuristic pop sound that wouldn’t seem out of place on a Dirty Projectors album.

NONI WO is a Montreal 4 piece pop club. Their sound is a drippy mix of synthetic samples, chill demeanor, big bass and snakey guitars. The songs are mostly written by Rory Wolf Seydel (Pat Jordache, Shapes and Sizes) and fleshed out by collaborators: Bennet Dobni (Moonbahn), Elijah Herron, Patrick Winkelbrunn (Garbageman) and Jeremy Dabrowski.

Their debut, U S B E P, is a collection of songs recorded on a laptop in various homes, basements, sheds, practice spaces creating a “danse contact” between programmed synthetic sounds and real people hitting instruments. It’s 808 kicks with dingy guitars. Big bass amps with wu-tang snaps. Demo experiments stretched over “studio” tracks. It’s the document of time via sound encapsulated in light weight chrome and plexi.