Get to know: Ought


Ought are the newest big breakout, like what you get for eating a large pepperoni pizza, some chocolate and drinking soda, but way better and with no regret. Emerging from the bedroom where they recorded their first EP just a couple of summers ago, they have already received widespread critical acclaim. Now signed to Constellation… Read More



    A Tribe Called Red Ottawa Pow Wow Step trio A Tribe Called Red, made up of Bear Witness, 2oolman and Deejay NDN, are making an exciting appearance on August 27th for the complete unveiling of this year’s POP Montreal festival! It’s going to be a huge free outdoor party at Parc Emilie-Gamelin. Get to know… Read More


    Screen shot 2014-08-06 at 2.22.34 PM

    Summer is floating by and might feel like it is close to an end, but Piknic Electronik is in it for the long haul! On until mid-September, there is still a lot of Sunday partying to do! Take a look at a few of our favorite ‘must-see’ picks. Stay tuned for POP @ Piknic’s exclusive… Read More



    Are you familiar with the singer and songwriter of The Shaggs? It may have been 44 years since her last record but it is now at last, the year of Dot Wiggin! The whimsical and uncanny punkish indie icon will be making a stop on September 20th at La Sala Rossa – Salle Exclaim! and… Read More

  • Catching up with: Bonobo


    Simon Green, lately known as Bonobo, has been winning over crowds with his cutting edge electronics, bass and drums. From Brighton, England, he has been working hard for over ten years to earn the reputation he now stands with – not only one of the world’s hardest working artists in electronic music, but also one… Read More

  • Get to know: Wakey! Wakey!


    Originally from Richmond, VA and now based in Brooklyn, NY, Wakey!Wakey! play really happy alternative pop songs that will bring your spirits right back up no matter what. Fronted by Michael Grubbs, you probably didn’t know that he had a role as ‘Grubbs’ on none other than One Tree Hill, in which the bands music… Read More

  • Record Fair 2014


    Let’s do this! Everybody knows that the Record Fair is consistently a highlight of the Pop Montreal International Music Festival. Everybody will be in town for the five day event which attracts music lovers, artists and industry folk from across the world. The two day record fair segment is a chance to showcase your collection… Read More