Kids POP and Friends: Cirkazou


Many of us just joke about packing it all in and running away to join the circus. But that’s just what Clothilde Schira and Natathalie Nicolas did in 2013 when they quit their day jobs to found Cirkazou, their very own circus production company in their neighbourhood of St-Michel. Cirkazou specializes in circus themed activities… Read More

  • It’s our birthday but you win the gifts!!


    It’s our birthday but you win the gifts!! In celebration of our 10th year of Puces POP we’ll be having an incredible raffle on site every day of the fair. Our vendors have been so kind in donating truly amazing prizes, everything from gold and silver jewelry to a silk screening course, delicious cocktail bitters to… Read More

  • An Interview with Sinbad Richardson


    Photo credit: Jojo Seligman What was the main idea behind the concept of the video and working with the Pigeon and its food friends? Was there any sort of theme you were going for? I met with Dan Seligman and he described the bar mitzvah theme surrounding Pop’s 13th anniversary edition mainly the imagery of… Read More

  • Passovah’s Noah Bick on his 2014 #POPMTL picks


    Take a second to find out what Noah Bick, the mastermind behind Passovah Productions, is most excited to see at this year’s festival! 1) Dishwasher – THIS IS GOING TO RULE. IF YOU MISS THIS YOU WILL REGRET IT FOR YOUR WHOLE LIFE. 2) Mozart’s Sister – Catch Mozart’s Sister before she blowsssssssssss up. 3)… Read More



    Here are just a few of the people behind POP’s wild 2014 team. Take note of their good taste and catch them at one or two of these shows. Or follow them everywhere. Carl Comeau – Sponsorship Manager: Wednesday: Sun Kill Moon, The Wooden Sky Thursday: Adam Cohen, Anna Scouten Friday: Jimmy Hunt, DJ Food,… Read More

  • Label Spotlight: Constellation


    Known for releasing albums by Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Thee Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra & Tra-La-La Band, Do Make Say Think and many more, Constellation Records is an independent label based in Montreal that made a big name for itself in the late ’90s after its foundation in 1997. Ian Ilavsky and Don Wilkie… Read More

  • Dog POP a.k.a. Asha’s Corner


    Meet Asha, POP’s official office dog and daily cheerleader! The life of a mascot at POP is without a doubt a non-stop party, but truth is her biggest dream has always been to become a ROCK STAR. Follow her on her adventures as she dreams big with this year’s festival artists and makes her way… Read More