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Ladies of POP 2015 by Tess Roby and Roxanne Lemieux As tradition goes, POP Montreal will once again be bringing the freshest selection of women making waves in today’s music industry. Expect no less than fearless ladies taking the lead on the mic, guitar or producing behind the scenes. Here are just some of the… Read More


    jaredsych_1_full jaredsych_1_full

    VIET CONG Photo by Jared Sych Two years ago at POP Montreal, crowds flooded onto the street outside L’Esco bar hoping to catch a glimpse of Viet Cong. A bouncer stood blocking the band as they played, overwhelmed by the throngs of people pushing their way to the front of tiny stage. This result was… Read More


    10519181_797565356947652_2717967625622680665_o 10519181_797565356947652_2717967625622680665_o

    Considered a solid entry in the Montreal pizza scene, Magpie Pizza serves up some of the best wood fire oven pizzas in the Mile End! Check back to their facebook page and enter to win a pair of day passes. POP and Pizza, what could be better?    

  • Barbara Lynn: The Empress of Gulf Coast Soul

    barbaralynn1 barbaralynn1

    Barbara Lynn: The Empress of Gulf Coast Soul by Neyza Honoré Barbara joins the ranks of bold Black women, trailblazers of the likes of Nina Simone and Sister Rosetta Tharpe, who rocked the world playing their instruments, writing their own songs, defying gender roles and contributing to the Civil Rights Movement. Which brings me to… Read More


    OUGHT_NYCJuly2014_sunhaze_Brett-Davis OUGHT_NYCJuly2014_sunhaze_Brett-Davis

    OUGHT Photo by Brett Davis Was it only two years ago that Ought played the upstairs of Rodos restaurant on Parc avenue? Were you there? If so, you probably had a feeling that Ought were destined for something big. Ought released their debut LP More than Any Other Day on Constellation records earlier last year… Read More

  • OSR Tapes

    osr osr

    OSR Tapes par Jackson MacIntosh OSR Tapes was founded, in 2007, by Zach Phillips in Brattleboro, Vermont, as a way to put out his own music and the music of like-minded musicians from his town. OSR has operated as an offline-only record label for the past year, or so, which means it is impossible to… Read More


    Jib-Kidder-595x395 Jib-Kidder-595x395

    JIB KIDDER It’s hard to know where to start with Jib Kidder, the performing moniker of musician and artist Sean Schuster-Craig. His bandcamp boasts an impressive fifteen releases, dating back to 2006, and the sounds you will find are often unexpected; American psychedelia, sampled computer noises, jangling guitars, punk-inspired riffs, obscure vocal hooks. A maker… Read More

  • POP’s picks for Piknic Electronik

    piknic-electronik-595x298 piknic-electronik-595x298

    L’été n’est pas terminé avant la dernière édition du Piknic Électronik! Tout le week-end de la fête du Travail et tous les dimanches de septembre, venez danser, vous la couler douce et profiter des dernières belles journées de la saison sur l’île Sainte-Hélène. Des légendes montréalaises Lunice et Misstress Barbara à la figure de proue… Read More

  • #SMRTPOP 9: Texas Rap 2015

    Screen Shot 2015-08-04 at 12.24.13 PM Screen Shot 2015-08-04 at 12.24.13 PM

    Texas Rap 2015 By Matt Sonzala    I’m going to assume that historically, the Houston rap sound was not generally the biggest sound banging through Montreal, at least not through most of the eras. I’m sure there were some Geto Boys fans early on, maybe a couple super deep music heads found some screw tapes… Read More


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    POP Montreal is LIVE ON AIR ! Every Tuesday in September, POP will take over CKUT’s Montreal Sessions to share tunes from festival artists, interview special guests, give you our picks for the festival and bring you live on-air performances. Today’s session is hosted by co-founder and creative director of POP Montreal Dan Seligman, who… Read More


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    PASCALE PROJECT Pascale Mercier aka Pascale Project has been permeating the Montreal scene for the past few years. You may have seen her play alongside Montreal favs Jef Barbara or Karneef, or perform under her previous alias Mathematique. Just Feel Good For A Moment is the debut album from Pascale Project, and was released shortly… Read More