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#SMRTPOP #3: Switching from print to digital

Screen shot 2015-06-18 at 11.23.10 AM Screen shot 2015-06-18 at 11.23.10 AM

Talking Head: Thomas Venker, Editor-in-chief at Kaput – Magazin für Insolvenz & Pop When, after some 15 years, I finally left the Editor-in-chief’s chair at Germany’s Intro Magazin, the feelings of cold turkey you hear about hit home pretty much immediately. There I was, waking-up in the middle of the night sweating that I’d missed… Read More

  • POP’s Pan Am 2015 Concert Series

    PAN-AM-LOGO-2015-620x310 PAN-AM-LOGO-2015-620x310

    In conjunction with the Pan Am and Parapan American games in Toronto this summer, taking place from July 10th to 26th and August 7th to 15th, POP is mega excited to present 3 shows that celebrate artists and music from Central/South America and the Caribbean. Since the games are the world’s third largest international multi-sport… Read More


    Sled-Island-logo Sled-Island-logo

    In Calgary for Sled Island? So are we! Sled Island began in 2007 and has since grown into Western Canada’s most anticipated festival, bringing together over 250 local and international acts and artists. Here are our top picks to check out at the festival, from Montreal and beyond! Don’t forget to check out our POP… Read More

  • POP’s guide to NXNE festivities!


    Follow us to “the six” next weekend for the major party that is NXNE! Year after year we just keep coming back for more of the best T.O. has to offer thanks to one of our favorite BFF festivals. Here are our top show picks around the city and don’t miss out on our showcase… Read More

  • #SMRTPOP #2: Torstrassenfestival

    tsf15_poster tsf15_poster

    Last I checked – maybe 15 minutes ago – the Montreal music scene was thriving in Berlin. One could speculate on the reasons for this, and I’ll do just that: common values (late nights, cheap rents), similar concerns (language issues, gentrification), and the fact that Montreal music seems to be everywhere all the time these… Read More

  • Ultra Guide to Northside Festival in Brooklyn

    POP-x-Northside-Le1f-Princess-Nokia-DJ-HVAD-595x409 POP-x-Northside-Le1f-Princess-Nokia-DJ-HVAD-595x409

    Brooklyn’s very own Northside is coming at us from June 8th-14th and we don’t want you to get lost! The discovery festival that is now in its 7th year has been taking over the northern parts of Brooklyn to bring you the best in new and returning favorite bands. Take a few tips from our… Read More

  • Way to kick off the sprrringggg!

    bouncy bouncy

    What a beautiful weekend it was! We had a great time running around between the Spring POP festivities and Puces POP offerings, from the bouncy castle to homemade perfumes to kids tent painting and soccer to the yummiest preserves to multiple outdoor groovy music performances by AfrikElektro, Bunga Bunga, Sin and Swoon, a super weird and… Read More

  • Spring POP in full bloom!

    Kids-POP-SpringFRweb Kids-POP-SpringFRweb

    Kids POP is back! Come celebrate with us Saturday as we kick off the summer season in style. Spectacular programming for kids of all ages, which might involve a bouncy castle. Spring POP: Music and Kids POP at Place de la gare Jean-Talon (Jean-Talon / du Parc) Saturday May 30th 2015 1pm – Sin and… Read More

  • We were in England last week!!

    photo 1 photo 1

    They sure love their music back in the U.K. When I was 15, my BFF and I would dream of attending the Glastonbury Festival, we’d listen to its broadcast over the radio, watch people throw mud at each other on TV, and could only marvel at the excitement in which Brits would show up under… Read More

  • POP guide to Levitation festival

    levitation1 levitation1

    The organizers of Austin Psych Fest have more in store in the heart of Vancouver this June 5th-7th for the first edition of Levitation. It’s time to catch some of your favorite bands at Malkin Bowl in the beautiful Stanley Park. Take a look at our Guide to Levitation for our band picks below: Dead… Read More

  • A review of our CMW 2015 experience #FORREAL

    cmw cmw

    Working in the music business can be tough. Take Canadian Music Week for example: Ten days straight, 100+ daytime panels, 1000+ bands playing from the afternoon to the early morning, and lots of work to be done in between. With all that day & night action I always end up feeling pretty sleepy during the… Read More