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Holiday 2015 Puces POP shopping guide: Home decor

BlisscraftBrazen-595x453 BlisscraftBrazen-595x453

When all there is outside is a 5 foot wall of snow, what could be better than coming home to a warm holiday space where you can wrap yourself up in a blanket and sip a mug of hot cocoa? Fake fireplace HD flames, stockings, shimmering lights and Christmas carols playing in the background might… Read More

  • Marie-Claude Girard, Céramiste’s potter practice

    mcg mcg

      “The art of working with clay, transforming it into functional or decorative objects is the essence of my craft. By using ancestral techniques that are specific to ceramics, I create contemporary designs but remain close to the traditional essence of clay.” For how long have you been doing this?: Almost 10 years What materials… Read More

  • 5 questions for Art & Manufacture #PucesDesNeiges

    _MG_8145 _MG_8145

    Edith Bourgault discovered ceramics out of the blue, but was so impacted by the craft that she immediately became a ceramic artist. Her collection, Art & Manufacture, gives ordinary objects a decorative edge, without ever losing sight of their original modern, utilitarian look. For how long have you been doing this?: 3 years What materials… Read More

  • The mustaches of Quebec by Les Industries Groom

    Nettoyant_GROOM Nettoyant_GROOM

    Groom is a workshop that handmakes all-natural grooming products for men. Our range covers care for beard, moustache, shaving and hair-styling. We also offer a selection of grooming tools. For how long have you been doing this?: 2 years What materials do you mostly use?: We work with natural ingredients: bees wax, argan oil, shea… Read More

  • Puces POP Vendor highlight: Darlings of Denmark

    IMG_1849 IMG_1849

    DARLINGS OF DENMARK For how long have you been doing this?: Since 2012 What materials do you mostly use?: I work primarily with raw brass, very fine delicate chain and recycled, textured leather. When are you most inspired/productive?: I am most productive in the mornings, between 9am and noon. I often wake up at around… Read More

  • BlackSnaps: screenprinted for kids!

    L1003052 L1003052

    BLACKSNAPS Behind BlackSnaps is Petronille, who silkscreens, with all of her love, clothes for small children in Montreal. The illustrations printed have been exclusively created for BlackSnaps by artists, making these collections yet more original! These are limited in quantity, so that new material eventually replaces the current collections. For how long have you been… Read More

  • Pillows and pillows by Fotofibre

    fotofibre-par-ariann-bt-photo-102 fotofibre-par-ariann-bt-photo-102

    FOTOFIBRE FotoFibre was born from the meeting of two passionate artists and the meeting of two worlds : the textile printing and photography. We draw our travelogues and nature around us to create items for inside the home and wardrobe . We want our products become a different and original showcase for promote the work… Read More

  • Von Sinnvoll Design’s pillow secrets

    planche_contact_4x5 planche_contact_4x5

    VON SINNVOLL DESIGN For how long have you been doing this?: 1 year What materials do you mostly use?: Woven silk and wool from Japanese artisans that were destined to make kimonos. When are you most inspired/productive?: My inspiration is daily and permanent. The fabrics with their designs and geometries are my source of inspiration…. Read More

  • Meet Deborah Adams’ recycled leather goods

    _MG_3391 _MG_3391

    DEBORAH ADAMS Deborah Adams creates womens leather accessories exclusively from recycled leather clothing and industrial off cuts. Born and raised in the UK, Deborah lives and works in Montreal. Her vision is to maintain a high quality unique but attainable product to women from all spheres. For how long have you been doing this?: 10… Read More

  • (C)hatting with Heirloom #PucesDesNeiges

    Hairloom Lookbook AW 15 Hairloom Lookbook AW 15

    HEIRLOOM Handling thread and needle from the tender age of 8, the Montreal based designer Samantha-Tara Mainville, always had a penchant for sewing. From her Lasalle College days, specializing in fashion design, she discovers a true passion for hat making. For how long have you been doing this?: I’ve been practicing for about 2 1/2… Read More