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Interview with Heather O’Neill of Lit POP

heatheroneill heatheroneill

Heather O’Neill is the 2014 Lit POP fiction judge. Her first novel, Lullabies for Little Criminals, earned accolades around the world, including being named winner of Canada Reads 2007 and the Hugh MacLennan Prize for Fiction, and being a finalist for the Governor General’s Award for Fiction and the Orange Prize. Her much-anticipated second novel… Read More

  • The Vintage Corner :: Soubrette

    2013-10-31-LOGO 2013-10-31-LOGO

    What can we expect for your collection at Vintage POP this month? Cozy separates for fall/winter, chunky sweaters, wool and leather skirts, geometric knits, metallics, 60s cocktail dresses, feminine bow blouses, Peter Pan collars, and many other pieces great for layering. What exactly do you look for in a vintage piece? I look for three… Read More

  • The Vintage Corner // Bon Courage

    lise_sweaters lise_sweaters

    What can we expect for your collection at Vintage POP this month? Well, obviously we’re deep into fall, so I focused on warm pieces like plaid scarves, leather mittens, and cable knit sweaters. I found a 90s plaid wool bomber jacket, a cardigan that’s 100% botany wool, and a 60s wool double breasted coat with… Read More

  • The Vintage Corner // Sollemne

    sollemneleatherjacket sollemneleatherjacket

    What can we expect for your collection at Vintage POP this month? Easy basics like silk blouses, chunky knits and denim shirts, plus a few select pieces from the 70’s, like suede jackets & mini skirts. A lot of stuff in between too. I really like everything. What exactly do you look for in a… Read More

  • The Vintage Corner // Red Clementine

    il_570xN.443457878_dp9q il_570xN.443457878_dp9q

    What can we expect for your collection at Vintage POP this month? Late fall and winter gear such as vintage wool sweaters, warm coats and leather boots. What exactly do you look for in a vintage piece? I’m interested in clothing that would have been nice to wear years ago and that will still be… Read More

  • The Vintage Corner // Caesar Pony

    il_570xN.392155276_rinp il_570xN.392155276_rinp

      What can we expect for your collection at Vintage POP this month? With my collection at Vintage Pop I tried to focus of very accessible and wearable pieces that can be incorporated into your existing wardrobe. I try to source pieces I would like to wear and that I hope my clients will too. What exactly do… Read More


    original original

    Probably the name of your high school infatuation, DIANA, one of the newest band treasures out of Toronto, may have the same effect on you. With members of The Hidden Cameras, Bonjay, Army Girls and Destroyer, they are rapidly taking over the scene, opening for acts like Tegan and Sara and Austra. We are really… Read More


    DMKozy2005 DMKozy2005

    Queen of making hearts dissolve and “turning a flicker to a flame”, the wonderfully kind and comforting Dorothy Moore is one voice your ears definitely remember. It is no wonder she is best known for her 1976 hit Misty Blue, just listen to that soulful voice! POP was lucky enough to talk to the R&B… Read More


    smart_robot_web01 smart_robot_web01

    European superstar and pioneer producer/DJ Alexander Robotnick is the name you need to know for anything ‘electronic dance music’. Crazy enough, the early ‘80s Italian legend will be making his Montreal debut August 15th at The Olympia as part of SUBWOOFER AND THE DEEP WATER WIGS presented by Armatta. To make it an even wilder… Read More


    Murray-A.-Lightburns-MASSLIGHT-An-Electronic-Pop-Opera-+-invités Murray-A.-Lightburns-MASSLIGHT-An-Electronic-Pop-Opera-+-invités

    A message from Murray – “Beloved MTL, I’ve accepted an invitation to perform at the 12th edition of POP Montreal Festival. I am excited and terrified; this will be my first ever official solo performance, singing Murray A. Lightburn’s MASS:LIGHT at the top of my lungs, in its entirety. To commemorate this event, I’ve decided… Read More


    Pierre-Perpall-Festival-2013-595x591 Pierre-Perpall-Festival-2013-595x591

    King of Quebec funk and disco and first black performer in La Belle Province, Purple Flash AKA Pierre Perpall is one cool dude who is taking over POP Montreal 2013 by storm! Singer of beloved French soul and r&b covers in the ‘60s (James Brown’s “I Feel Good”), funk and disco in the ‘70s and… Read More