AA_2 credit Adrienne Amato & Michael BaumgartThe musical duo dressed in dark robes and suits that you have constantly seen everywhere around town lately, even in storefronts, is named AroarA! Andrew Whiteman, founding member of Broken Social Scene and Apostle of Hustle, and Ariel Engle come together to play on amplified cigar box guitars, making sounds they like to call “sonic gene splicing”.

In everyday life, Ariel likes to “keep ‘em guessing” with her personal eclectic style. Onstage outfits are a different story! AroarA chose to wear uniforms while touring in support of their upcoming album ‘In The Pines’, due out in stores August 27th. Ariel alternates between two tailored robes, one long, and one short, both two toned with a hood. They are simultaneously playful, ominous and evocative without pointing too hard at anything. Most importantly, they make her feel prepared to perform ‘In The Pines’! Meanwhile, Andrew sports an old suit with a worker’s shirt, cravat and brogues, also choosing between two somber outfits. He’s always believed in dressing for the job, just like Ariel, who aims to look like a woman at work!

AroarA_InthePines_coverAll in all, AroarA definitely give style some thought. Proof? One of their pre-show rituals includes getting dressed.

Don’t miss these upcoming AroarA performances:

08/08/13 – Parc Émilie-Gamelin, Montreal, FREE!

12/08/13 – Salle André-Mathieu, Laval with Arthur H!

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