Style Profile: Cadence Weapon :: Presented by Little Burgundy

Roland Pemberton is Cadence Weapon, Montreal stalwart rapper and mellifluous wunderkind. Pemberton started rapping when he was 13 and released his first mixtape and full-length when he was 19. His sound can really only be described as a hybrid of all good music ever.

Aside from being one of Canada’s most revered rappers, Cadence is known around town for his exceptional fashion sense. When it comes to personal style, Cadence says he loves unique objects, mixing old school with new school and looking like a long-lost black member of The Clash. His on-stage presence is strong and striking, often opting for militant styles inspired by Black Moon and Public Enemy. We asked Cadence Weapon: what’s the one piece of clothing you could wear for the rest of eternity? “The leather jacket I bought in Camden Market in London years ago.”

Cadence Weapon will be wrapping up his latest North American tour in Montreal, performing alongside Mozart’s Sister and Karneef on November 17th at Il Motore. Home-court advantage? This is gonna be good.

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Photo: Rebecca Storm