Comedy POP :: Stand Up for Mile-End (Late show)


Montreal has a burgeoning stand-up comedy scene full of diversity, and we don’t use that term lightly. We’re underground, DIY, and we’re gonna grab your retro lapels and shake the laughs outta you. Taboos don’t exist here. What else would you expect from a stand-up show that takes place in a former strip club with video lottery terminal machines that serve dirt cheap beer?
But seriously folks, we’re doing away with hackneyed clichés and are SO psyched to debut our bi-weekly show, “Stand-up for Mile End” at POP Montreal, that we’re puttin’ on TWO shows in ONE night!!! Outrageous, right? What’s even more far-flung, is that both shows will feature COMPLETELY different comics, hosts, and headliners. Like music, stand-up’s a drug, so use POP Montreal to experiment with stand-up for Mile End.

10$ for one show / 15$ for both

– Host –
Darren Henwood ::
Hailing originally from Scotland, Darren Henwood brings his lively and often angry perspective to stages in and around Montreal. Having started
his comedy career as both a performer and comedy promoter in his native Glasgow, Darren has performed all over the UK and at both the Edinburgh and Glasgow Comedy Fringe Festivals before moving to Canada. Similarly, here he promotes his own show (run out of his own basement) called Lowdown Comedywhich with it’s sparse technical set-up and selection of lawn furniture really embodies his no frills approach to humor. On stage Darren reveals hilarious true stories from his own life along with imparting a Scotsman’s perception of Canadian culture during his sets (which often end up with audience members dragged into them with hysterical results). With a successful run in the 2012 Zoofest with “Anglos versus Francos” and recently featuring in the 2011 edition Montreal’s “Young Guns of Comedy” Darren is quickly becoming a name in the Anglo comedy scene that you don’t want to miss. Born in Vancouver, Devil Dan Derkson has a truly wild past when it comes to performing. He has been touring around Canada as a comedian off and on for 20 years. He has also been an actor, a director, a producer and a writer. He is the founder of Interactive Evil, a podcast and comedy production company. As well, he’s the regular host of Montreal’s dirty comedy show, Blue Monday and the creator of the rowdiest comedy show in town, Holy Crap! He will also be the host of the upcoming Montreal-based live talk show, The Devil’s Night with Devil Dan Derkson, coming this spring. He is currently a cast member of Montreal’s award-winning improv troupe On the Spot. On the other side, Dan was the youngest minister in the Jehovah’s Witness church, where he was raised. Once he realized how crazy it was, he quickly got out of there and tried all other forms of organized and unorganized religion and realized how fucked up they all were. Currently, he is a member of the LeVeyan Church of Satan and is the only comedian in Montreal to be banned from a comedy room due to his religious beliefs.

Website ::

Twitter :: @egoslut

– Lineup –
Peter Radomski ::
(Coming soon!!)

Kristen Rasmussen ::
Kirsten Rasmussen is an actor/improviser/stand-up. She was a cofounder director of Montreal Improv Theatre where she continues to teach and produce improv. Her solo comedy plays Tough! and Blink Blink Blink have both been produced several times in Montreal, winning awards and getting nominations. She’s currently working on a solo sketch show called Chuckin’ Guffs will play at Montreal Ipmrov Theatre on Sept 21st. Kirsten is also the new co-host at the weekly stand up show, Shut up And Laugh Wednesdays at Burritoville.

Twitter :: @KikiRazzle

Emma Wilkie ::
(Coming soon!!)

Dan Derkson ::
(Coming soon!!)

Jon Selig ::
A native Montrealer, Jon started his mid-life crisis by taking to the stage in early 2011, after struggling with a lifelong addiction to not running half-marathons. A semetic and understimulated veteran of the corporate world, comedy show bookers have continue to allow him to grab microphones and tell jokes into them at their shows. He’s currently gangly, and continues to struggle with writing flattering bios of himself.

Facebook ::
Twitter :: @jonselig

Emery Fine ::
Montreal’s sweatiest alt comic, Emery Fine has been telling jokes for little under a year, but he’s already looking forward to telling jokes for little more than a year. Born and raised in Pointe Claire, Emery co-runs “Sets in the West” at Le Pionnier, and is a contributing member of the Mcgill Comedy Community.

Twitter :: @emerydalys