Discussion au sommet : musique et droits de la propriété intellectuelle :: Some of the Smartest People We Know Discuss: Musicians, What Are your Intellectual Property Rights Now, and What Do We Want That to Really Mean?


Présenté par MESLA and the Walrus Foundation

For almost a generation now, listeners have been able to communicate music so freely that traditional notions of mass and personal media, monopoly and market appear to be, ultimately, irrelevant. One of the most important legal minds in the Canadian Entertainment Industry, Susan Abramovitch, will be joined by startups, technology, and new media lawyer Reuven Ashtar (moderator), Secret City Records President, Justin West, and Montreal-based, Polaris Prize winning musician, composer and band leader, Patrick Watson, to discuss the development of music as intellectual property in a contemporary digital context, the cultural impact that this may be having, and how society might want to proceed.