When is POP Montreal 2016?
September 21-25, 2016

Where do I buy tickets?
We sell tickets to our events at a variety of different vendors in Montreal, as well as online. Click here for tickets currently available online, or, if you’d like physical tickets, Cheap Thrills, L’oblique, Atom Heart and Phonopolis are usually a safe bet. If a show is taking place at either Casa del Popolo or Sala Rossa, tickets for that event will also be available at Casa del Popolo, as well as the aformentioned vendors.

It is possible that tickets are only available at the door so check the event’s description for further details.

Tickets to Film POP events are usually available at the door, and admission to most Kids, Symposium, Puces and Art POP events are free unless otherwise specified.

Check back soon for more info on specific events and tickets.

Does the Super Pass get me into everything?
The Super Pass will get you priority access into all events, depending on capacity, so please arrive early for shows that are expected to fill-up or for bands that you really want to see. If an event is full, you will have to wait until people leave before you are able to get in.

More Super Pass information here.

How do I submit to play POP?
We usually accept submissions every year between the month of November and May, either by mail or through Sonicbids. You can get all the info here.

When do I find out if my band’s been selected?
We will notify all artists of our decision via e-mail by mid-July. You will receive an email whether or not you’ve been selected. Please be patient as there are thousands of submissions!

What’s your selection process?
Each year we receive a large number of electronic and physical applications for POP. We then conduct months of listening sessions where our jury of music enthusiasts, producers, musicians, media, promoters, etc help us decide which acts are best suited to play the festival. We do several rounds of this to give each band a fair chance and to make sure that we bring you only the best of programming!

Do you only program “pop” music?
We consider many different styles of music to be “pop”, and every year program a wide range of artists and genres — “pop” or not. Metal, old-school funk, punk, soul, electronic… send it our way!

How do I volunteer?
We love volunteers, and are always looking for help in a variety of areas, especially during festival time. Click here for more information on how to get involved.