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Meet Banko Gotiti Records, the newest local label soon to be on everyone’s radar. Currently representing Noni Wo, Vesuvio Solo, The Group Sound and Pat Jordache, the startup already has plenty to offer.

Named after a small co-op weigh station in Southern Ethiopia where farmers bring their crop for processing and distribution, the label similarly strives to export the output of a fertile community to a global audience.

After the recent release of The Group Sound’s LP Romantic Notions, look out for Noni Wo’s U S B E P, Vesuvio Solo‘s Favors, a follow-up LP to Pat Jordache’s Future Songs coming this fall and much more!

Don’t miss Banko Gotiti’s showcase, tonight Saturday September 20th in the POP Box at POP Quarters (3450 St-Urbain) with Pat Jordache, Noni Wo, Vesuvio Solo and The Group Sound. 8 PM, $5.

You can also catch them at Banko Gotiti + Summer Cool present Guez Roast, an outdoor BBQ on Sunday September 21st with performances by Vesuvio Solo, Noni Wo, Pat Jordache, Ramzi, She Devils, Bataille Solaire and many more. Click here for more info and address.

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Le Révélateur played a mesmerizing set at wonderful Uk Fed, the crowds came out to hang with Dan Burke at NeXT’s massive line up at Divan Orange and who could forget the incredible sweaty dance party that TR/ST, Mozart’s Sister and Dreamboy closed the night with. Now take a deep breath, drink lots of water and get ready to continue the non-stop party week extravaganza!! Have fun and be safe kids!


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5 Alternative Spaces http://popmontreal.com/5-alternative-spaces/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=5-alternative-spaces http://popmontreal.com/5-alternative-spaces/#comments Fri, 19 Sep 2014 17:43:01 +0000 roxanne lemieux http://popmontreal.com/?p=1734285 Read More]]> by Nick Cabelli

Since its inception, POP has situated sounds in alternative spaces to evoke new and poignant relationships between performer, listener, and the space/time they share.

Ukrainian Federation SALLE ST.AMBROISE 5213 HUTCHISON

The “Ukie Fed” is a staple in the POP roster of alternative spaces, we’re presenting shows for the NINTH year here. Originally built in 1907 by the the Methodists, it later became a synagogue. Still later it became the Ukrainian National Federation and that was still almost 70 years ago. Performing this year are Suzanne Vega, Kyle Bobby Dunn, Sun Kil Moon, Mutual Benefit, Katie Moore, Elizabeth Anka Vajagic, and many more.


The minaret’ed mothership! Eat on the stairs at least once during POP. Built in the Neo-Byzantine style between 1914-1915, l’Eglise St-Michel has been home to Puces POP intermittently over the past 10 years. Now—just in time for its 100th anniversary—it will be home to Le Late Night Little Burgundy with performances by JJ Fad, Trust, Mozart’s Sister, Twin Shadow and more. “Nice dome, baby!” you might yell, if you were the sort of person who first anthropomorphizes and then objectifies buildings.

Église St-John the Evangelist (Red Roof) SALLE SIRIUSXM 137 PRÉSIDENT-KENNEDY
Red Roof church was built in 1877-1878 in the style of “slum gothic.” It is also home to the St. Michael’s Mission which aims to serve the poor and homeless in the urban core of the city. In addition to offering light breakfasts, soup lunches, shower facilities and referral to other agencies five days a week, St. Michael’s Mission also offers a weekly painting workshop, the objective of which “…is to play, and to return to the joy and simplicity we knew as children.” POP is back here for the third year for three nights of shows including very special performances by Richard Reed Parry, Esmerine and Jimmy Hunt.

POP Quarters (Former École des Beaux-Arts) 3450 ST-URBAIN

Abstract //automatiste// painter and activist Paul-Émile Borduas studied here, and since 1922 countless rad people have entered this place of higher learning. Now closed as a school and operated by the city to exclusively host awesome events, it is the POP HQ for the duration of the festival for the third year, hosting our Opening Party September 17, as well as the Registration, Symposium, Art POP, Film POP, shows each night and special surprise things shh come check em out. #popQsecrets

Terrasse sur le toit – Ubisoft 5480 ST-DOMINIQUE
Ascending to Ubisoft’s rooftop terrace is kind of like taking an elevator to a private backyard BBQ floating in the sky.

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POP vs JOCK III: Win Butler’s Charity Basketball Game http://popmontreal.com/pop-vs-jock-iii-win-butlers-charity-basketball-game/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=pop-vs-jock-iii-win-butlers-charity-basketball-game http://popmontreal.com/pop-vs-jock-iii-win-butlers-charity-basketball-game/#comments Fri, 19 Sep 2014 17:23:21 +0000 roxanne lemieux http://popmontreal.com/?p=1734278 Read More]]> Win-Butlers-POP-vs-Jock-III-595x396POP Montréal is very happy to be working with Win Butler of the Arcade Fire and Dexter John of DJ Sports Club to bring you our third annual POP vs JOCK Charity Basketball Game.

All proceeds from this game will go towards DJ Sports Club, a non-profit charity organization in Montreal’s south west borough that offers programs in sports and education to youth 7 to 17 years old. The game will feature Grammy award winners Win Butler and Will Butler of the Arcade Fire, leading a team of musicians and entertainers (team POP) against an all star team comprised of standout players from the McGill Redmen and Concordia Stingers (team JOCK). Guests will include Justin Vernon of Bon Iver, NBA champion Matt Bonner of the San Antonio Spurs former, NBA slam dunk champion Brent Barry, and Nikolai Fraiture of The Strokes. The half time show will feature some very special performances. This will be the crossover Sports-Culture event of the year in Montreal, do not miss out!


Win Butler’s POP vs JOCK III

$20 or $75 for Corporate Donations (tax deductible). For tickets and more information
check popmontreal.com or the Red Bird Sports Shop at the McGill Sports Centre. 514-398-1539

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A night to honor “yé-yé” http://popmontreal.com/a-night-to-honor-ye-ye/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=a-night-to-honor-ye-ye http://popmontreal.com/a-night-to-honor-ye-ye/#comments Fri, 19 Sep 2014 09:05:23 +0000 roxanne lemieux http://popmontreal.com/?p=1734270 Read More]]> Gazoline-featuring-Simon-Brouillard-des-Lutins-595x425by Patrice Caron

Dans le cadre de son exposition Révolution Rock, un hommage à l’époque yé-yé, le Musée du Rock’n’Roll présente un revival de l’esprit garage des années 60 au Québec sous la forme d’un fameux jamboree.

Et qui de mieux pour donner le ton de cette soirée de danse suprême que Simon Brouillard des Lutins qui, pour une occasion unique, sera joint par les fébriles Gazoline pour interpréter ses immortels classiques comme « Laissez-nous vivre » et « Je cherche ». Enfants très légitimes de cette époque, Buddy McNeil & the Magic Mirrors viendront chauffer la scène avec du nouveau matériel qu’on annonce brûlant. Les incontournables Deuxluxes, fruits de l’amour jusque-là
inconnu de Wanda Jackson et de Gene Vincent, rockeront le Piccolo Rialto comme si c’était la première fois. Et parlant de première fois, ce sera le baptême de feu de la nouvelle formation issue des cendres du Chelsea Beat, Les C-Bee’s, qui nous serviront un set mettant à l’honneur un esprit garage toujours vivant aujourd’hui. Tout ça dans la salle idéale, le Piccolo Rialto, petite soeur du merveilleux Théâtre Rialto. On clôt l’été en beauté avec une soirée de danse endiablée.

Don’t miss Gazoline ft. Simon Brouillard des Lutins + Buddy McNeil and The Magic Mirrors + Les Deuxluxes + Les C-Bees at Cabaret Piccolo Rialto TONIGHT! Buy tickets HERE!


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POP Recap: Wednesday September 17th http://popmontreal.com/pop-recap-wednesday-september-17th/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=pop-recap-wednesday-september-17th http://popmontreal.com/pop-recap-wednesday-september-17th/#comments Thu, 18 Sep 2014 22:10:48 +0000 roxanne lemieux http://popmontreal.com/?p=1734223 Read More]]> 170914youngpariscindylopezWhat a night! We hope you made it through the first day and had just as much fun as we did.

Whether you stopped by to say hello at the mega Opening Party filled with art and electrifying performances by Look Vibrant, Chloe Mercedes, Young Paris and The Salivation Army, listened to the insightful discussion between Howard Bilerman and the humorous Steve Albini as part of POP Symposium, watched Beaver Sheppard (in a chipmunk costume) and Irina Lazareanu strut their stuff as the hosts of Fashion POP, pushed and shoved during Chuggo‘s set, learned some dance moves with Flynt Flossy and the Turquoise Jeep crew or were one of the lucky people with a hot ticket to Colombian band Bomba Estereo at Le Late Night Little Burgundy… That was just a taste of what is coming up next! BRACE YOURSELVES!




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Sounding the City: École des Beaux-Arts http://popmontreal.com/sounding-the-city-ecole-des-beaux-arts/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=sounding-the-city-ecole-des-beaux-arts http://popmontreal.com/sounding-the-city-ecole-des-beaux-arts/#comments Thu, 18 Sep 2014 20:42:09 +0000 roxanne lemieux http://popmontreal.com/?p=1734264 Read More]]> soundingEvery year POP is a space where local musicians not only play shows but also have the opportunity to push the boundaries of their musical practice and give life to new ideas and creative ambitions.

In the tradition of unforgettable POP-original events like Patrick Watson’s Sacred Sundays (2009-2011), DRONES/REVELATIONS (2011) by Richard Reed Parry, The Season, A Musical by Socalled (2011), Out of the Fog by Tim Hecker (2012), 33 by Yamantaka // Sonic Titan (2012), and Then and Now by Suuns and Radwan Ghazi Moumneh (2013), this year POP Montreal is proud to present a brand-new original work by Montreal sound artists Jen Reimer and Max Stein. Sounding the City: École des Beaux-Arts is an interactive, site-specific sound installation set in its namesake, the historic building that hosts the festival headquarters every September. The installation will feature urban field recordings taken from various spots in Montreal, processed and played back through the walls of the building itself, via a series of surface transducers speakers. Audiences will be invited to steep in, explore, and interact with this immersive soundscape. The installation is free and open to the public every day of the festival at POP Quarters! This project is supported by the New Music program of the Canada Council for the Arts.

Wed-Fri 11am – 8pm
Sat-Sun 11am – 5pm
POP Quarters (3450 St-Urbain), 3rd Floor

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