Ayant le krautrock bien à cœur, ce duo produit un son mécanique, quoique élégant et optimiste. C’est comme voyager à bord d’un train, la tête appuyée contre une fenêtre. Les ondes alpha prennent le dessus; direction lointaine et exaltante.

Pachyderm is a rare alliance between an Englishman and a Frenchman – Tom Jarvis (guitar/vocals) and Nico Braesch (drums)...

Tom, inspired by the musical and artistic scene in Montreal, packed all his instruments on a slow boat to Canada and waved goodbye to them from Liverpool docks before flying on ahead. Once in Montreal he met Nico Braesch, who had recently moved over from France, to start a band.

Pachyderm began by making purely improvised music; playing live shows in car parks, beneath underpasses, and drained out swimming pools. From these improvisations Pachyderm created the songs, which form their debut album, Parabola. Taking influences from Pink Floyd (Live at Pompeii), Serge Gainsbourg and Dumbo, the album was recorded on a 16-track tape recorder in two weeks at CCTV Studios in Montreal. The album was released on vinyl in March 2011.

In May 2012 Pachyderm released their second album, T-CE, which was influenced by the motorik grooves of Neu and Harmonia, the dynamics of Faust and Amon Düül II and the cinematic intensity of Godspeed You! Black Emperor. T-CE! was also written and recorded at CCTV Studios, Montreal.

Hosted by Pachyderm, The Zodiak Club is a series of shows held in atypical public spaces. Numerous Zodiak Club nights have been held in Montreal so far with bands/artists performing music influenced by the ongoing artistic legacy of the 1960s counter-culture movement in Germany. A live album of Pachyderm was released in Fall 2012, which was taken from one of their performances at the Zodiak Club.

Most recently Pachyderm performed with Damo Suzuki (ex-singer with CAN) as his Sound Carriers at Le Divan Orange, Montreal.

This year the band signed to new Montreal independent label Brothers and Sisters Records, who will be releasing their next album, Fall 2013.