Zakary Slax


L’artiste montréalais Zakary Slax fait ses débuts en tant que multi-instrumentiste, et il est vachement impressionnant! Faisant fi des rumeurs voulant que le rock-and-roll est mort, Zakary Slax nous en balance une bonne dose au visage.

Zakary Slax is the pseudonym of Zach Carriere, a founding member of Astral Gunk, Noise Hounds, and Killer Haze Records. His full-length album ‘Teenage Mutant’ was recorded during the first Gunk diaspora, wherein Mr. Slax traded the windswept marshes and soggy rodents of Sackville, New Brunswick, for the splendidly decaying metropolis of Montreal. This debut saw him recklessly handle all instrumental and production duties to present a sonic pastiche of 70’s punk, 60’s psych, east-coast 90’s noise pop, stoner metal, grunge, and experimental - all distilled into a garage rock tonic. He has put together a live supergroup that includes other Sackville expats Joel Young (Astral Gunk) and Nic Wilson (Yellowteeth, Mouthbreathers) as well as experimental/electronic composer Brendan White (Bleat Generation) and renegade guitarist Ben Lalonde (The Beatles). The goal is ultimately to restore faith in the rebellious sentiments of rock 'n roll, reasserting its position as the destroyer of fascism, apathy, and cultural stagnation.