Puces POP Holiday Shopping Guide :: Boyfriend & Girlfriend

Here at POP, we like to express our feelings with grand gestures.

So for this next section of our sweet Puces POP Holiday Shopping Guide, we came up with the GREATEST gift ideas for your boyfriend or girlfriend, taken from the talented list of vendors presenting at Puces POP next week.

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Compass Tank by The Lost City

This shirt is unisex. Which means you can buy it for your girlfriend then “borrow” it from her. Two birds, one stone. DEAL!

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Skeleton Leaves by Mini-Loop

You could get this for your girlfriend, but really, it’s a great gift for anyone who’s remotely cool. This creation by Mini-Loop is a handmade 3D lightbox with anaglyph print and LEDs. Not sure exactly what that means, but the result is out-of-this-world. It’s a great addition to any room in your apartment.

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Le Danis Recycled Fur Collar by Phanion

A must for Montreal winters, this recycled fur collar is stylish and warm enough to get you through those -35 “I hate winter” type-of-days. And no guilt about the fur since it’s recycled. Sweet!

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Hot Sass Hot Sauce by Zambo

Is your boyfriend always bragging about his tolerance for anything caliente? Well, here’s the PERFECT gift to give him! Zambo’s Hot Sass Hot Sauce will satisfy his craving for delicious hot sauce and he can add it to all his meals. Plus it’s vegan, gluten-free, and made with all-natural ingredients.

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Mint Shaving Kit by Dot & Lil

November is over. Which means that it’s time for the men in your life to shave that (nasty) piece of dangly hair off their upper lip. Dot & Lil’s Mint shaving cream is a nice way to say how much you care about his beautiful HAIRLESS face, and he will thank you for it! And for all of you mustache lovers out there, I have two words for you: Don Draper. ‘Nuff said.

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Handknit bowtie by Westlake Designs

These Westlake Designs bowties are the perfect statement for any formal event your beau plans on attending. Handknit in 100% wool Aran tweed yarn. CUTE.

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