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Meet Deborah Adams’ recycled leather goods

_MG_3391 _MG_3391

DEBORAH ADAMS Deborah Adams creates womens leather accessories exclusively from recycled leather clothing and industrial off cuts. Born and raised in the UK, Deborah lives and works in Montreal. Her vision is to maintain a high quality unique but attainable product to women from all spheres. For how long have you been doing this?: 10… Read More

  • (C)hatting with Heirloom #PucesDesNeiges

    Hairloom Lookbook AW 15 Hairloom Lookbook AW 15

    HEIRLOOM Handling thread and needle from the tender age of 8, the Montreal based designer Samantha-Tara Mainville, always had a penchant for sewing. From her Lasalle College days, specializing in fashion design, she discovers a true passion for hat making. For how long have you been doing this?: I’ve been practicing for about 2 1/2… Read More

  • Every cloud has a silver lining: The angry weather

    tawcollection tawcollection

    THE ANGRY WEATHER Iveth Morales is the mind and hands behind The Angry Weather. She uses materials like sterling silver, bronze, gold and brass to construct delicate and compelling pieces of jewellery. For how long have you been doing this?: I’ve been making metal jewellery since around 2007 when I started learning the craft, but… Read More

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