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Marie-Claude Girard, Céramiste’s potter practice

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  “The art of working with clay, transforming it into functional or decorative objects is the essence of my craft. By using ancestral techniques that are specific to ceramics, I create contemporary designs but remain close to the traditional essence of clay.” For how long have you been doing this?: Almost 10 years What materials… Read More

  • 5 questions for Art & Manufacture #PucesDesNeiges

    _MG_8145 _MG_8145

    Edith Bourgault discovered ceramics out of the blue, but was so impacted by the craft that she immediately became a ceramic artist. Her collection, Art & Manufacture, gives ordinary objects a decorative edge, without ever losing sight of their original modern, utilitarian look. For how long have you been doing this?: 3 years What materials… Read More

  • The mustaches of Quebec by Les Industries Groom

    Nettoyant_GROOM Nettoyant_GROOM

    Groom is a workshop that handmakes all-natural grooming products for men. Our range covers care for beard, moustache, shaving and hair-styling. We also offer a selection of grooming tools. For how long have you been doing this?: 2 years What materials do you mostly use?: We work with natural ingredients: bees wax, argan oil, shea… Read More

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