It’s that time of the year again… Calling all bands! Now is your chance to make your wildest dreams come true and be a part of MEGAPARTY history! Don’t be shy, submit your band to play POP Montreal 2015 as of NOW! September 16 – 20, 2015 will mark the 14th edition of POP Montreal.

You can apply online through Sonicbids or by submitting a physical application by dropping it off at our office or mailing it to:

POP Montreal
5585 avenue du Parc,
Montréal (Quebec)
H2V 4H2

Please include:

1) At least 3 songs, (these can be links to online streams). If it’s more than 3 songs, highlight the 3 you want us to listen to the most.
2) A photo
3) Press kit
4) Contact infos, including any web pages; eg. website, facebook, bandcamp. tumblr, ello, soundcloud, youtube
5) Answer to the following question: What makes something pop?

Before January 9:
Certified cheque for $25

After January 9:
Certified cheque for $30