032-pop-montreal-2013-day-4-photo-susan-mossSept 17 – 21, 2014 is the 13th edition of POP Montréal. 13 for some might be bad luck, but we think it’s more like the year of Bar Mitzvah.

Yeah, this year we’re gonna PARTY like DRAKE !! And if you want to take part to this madness, it’s now time to send us your applications through Sonicbids or by mail (see instructions below).

Applications close May 12th, 2014

Like everyone, we love getting something other than bills in our mailbox. You can mail your submission to our doorstep, and include:
- A CD with at least 3 highlighted tracks
- A press kit, or as close to that as possible
- A certified cheque or money order for $30 addressed to POP MONTREAL, 5585 ave du Parc, Montreal Qc H2V 4H2 CANADA
- Presents??!!
- An answer to the following question: What did you do to celebrate your 13th birthday?

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