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Rosario Caméléon

Maniwaki, QC (habite à Montréal)

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Rosario Caméléon is a queer, non-binary (he-they-them), multidisciplinary artist from Montreal. Between theater and music, he tries with the help of art to understand his inner world. His music navigates between melancholy and sexuality, ugliness and beauty. Both intuitive and catchy, his music is characterized by a mixed use of digital and analog sounds, a warm grain of voice and poetic texts. In addition to making you want to dance, his electro-pop melodies exude a sensual atmosphere. And even if his music draws its influences from various artists , it remains difficult to classify. This is why he likes to call it, popcoït. It is often said that his music takes on its full meaning when you see him perform on stage and it is mainly because of the importance placed on aesthetics in his creative process. A universe of sensual, intriguing and symbolic colours.