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The two Julie, creators of brinbrun (Julie Rachel Baril and Julie Maron) met few years ago as fashion designers at a big clothing compagnie. They quickly became friends. Like many people, COVID-19 turned their lives upside down, causing them to question their values and take a different path.

The environmental crisis is a societal issue. Julie and Julie Rachel want to help people consume better. In their creation and marketing approach, they make sure to encourage as many local businesses as possible. Each box includes reusable and/or recyclable or natural items. In a world where almost everything is computerized, one of their great motivations is to encourage people to discover the great benefits of manual creation. Art is good for you, both during the creative process, which helps to free your mind, and once the project is finished and you are proud of it.

They offer a range of complete DIY creative boxes, as well as relaxation products.