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Code Blanc

Montreal, QC

CODE BLANC is an artist collective that uses cultural institutions as a tool for reflection and creation. Issues of inclusion, diversity, invisibility and representation in the cultural milieu are at the heart of their artistic project. The collectives members take inspiration from existing disparities to create works that question the place of racialized artists in established institutions. Additionally their projects aim to contribute to the reflection on the ways in which the practices of these artists can be integrated into art history without reproducing reductive discourses on non-Western art. Their actions and questionings manifest as interventions, performances, video, photography, infiltration and installation.

At Art POP, CODE BLANC will present a participatory installation in the form of a waiting room composed of video, photography and objects. The public is invited to fill out a questionnaire about their knowledge of the art world and the realities faced by racialized and invisibilized artists. Through the form, the collective attempts to understand the Quebec and Canadian art system, the technical requirements, the funding issues and the expectations of an artistic milieu which, beyond its role of dissemination, can be a source of inequality leading to marginalization of certain artists.