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Emmanuel Madan

Montreal, QC

Emmanuel Madan is a Montréal-based artist and cultural worker who advocates on behalf of the Canadian media arts community. His primary specializations are expandingthe capacity of artist-centred movements and supporting the critical development of digital and media arts language and practice. His particular focus on systems thinking allows him to consider the arts community in Canada and Québec as a dynamically evolving ecosystem. He is a past Program Officer with the Canada Council for the Arts, specializing in the delivery of digital strategy initiatives for the arts sector. He currently works as National Director of the Independent Media Arts Alliance (IMAA).
As an artist, Emmanuel Madan works with music, sound, language, and technology.

His art practice that spans digital and electronic art, installation and performance, audio and video. He was active in the collective [The User] since 1997 and has collaborated with a host of musicians, radio artists, writers, scenographers, and lighting designers on numerous artistic projects. Since 2019, he has pursued a curatorial collaboration with Martín Rodríguez titled Undefine Radio, interrogating our techno-present through the prism of radio.