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Flint Magazine Launch


Volume MTL, Studio Safar and the Detroit Art Book Fair present the Launch of Flint Magazine: Issue 3, Wonder. The event features a set of music performances inspired by the work of the late Egyptian composer, musician, and ethnomusicologist Halim El-Dabh (1921-2017) and his forthcoming record The Wondrous Reverberations of Halim El-Dabh. This event is organized in collaboration with Studio Safar and writer/musician Alexei Perry Cox.

Flint Magazine is an unbound multimedia journal modeled after Aspen Magazine, the highly influential art journal “in a box.” Like Aspen, each issue of Flint assembles a diverse collection of text, film, print, and sound, interweaving the tactile and the intangible in content and form.

Studio Safar is a design agency and publisher (est 2012), with offices in Beirut and, now, Tiohtia:ke (Montreal). The studio adopts an experimental approach to design. Evoked by its name, the studio is concerned with notions of communication across cultural and linguistic barriers.