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Florence Yee

Toronto, ON | Montreal, QC

Florence Yee’s (they/them) art practice revolves around text-based art and labour-intensive creation as a method of ‘working’ through the restrictive belonging we may seek from labour, language, and duty. Cynical of liberal multiculturalism, their work attempts to step around easy signifiers of legibility. It recognizes the danger of nostalgia as a site of utopic contemplation that unjustly flattens marginalized existences. It seeks to deromanticize queer, racialized experiences and destabilize linear narratives of intergenerational knowledge by showcasing failure, futility, repetition, and dead ends.

Their text-based pieces borrow the institutional pen of templates, academia, and forms, while displacing their functions through skeptical lived experiences. The works use an ironic and humorous tone to recognize the limits of their own structure, and to sustain a necessary uncertainty. As the intimacy of doubt gives me the space to interrogate loss, longing remains the main language within the work.