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Jonathan Personne

Montreal, QC

Jonathan Personne is the solo work of Jonathan Robert, singer and guitarist of Montreal post-punk band Corridor (Bonsound/Sub Pop). His penchant for lo-fi recording and the complexification of simple elements in his image led him to fresh territory, at the crossroads of dream pop, psychedelic rock and krautrock. The singer and multi-instrumentalist rose to prominence as a solo artist with the albums Histoire naturelle (2019) and Disparitions (2020), which received praise from La Presse, NPR, Exclaim! and many others. Jonathan Personne now ventures into a new minimalist register, ready to surpass himself once again with A Man Without a Face, a new excerpt inspired by the end of the 60s.

His third album, the first to appear on Bonsound, reveals a slightly cleaner and smoother sound, finely orchestrated alongside the talented director Emmanuel Éthier, with whom he has already collaborated on Junior, Corridor’s most recent album.