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Milla Thyme

Montreal, QC

In 2021 Milla made significant progress by signing with veteran Canadian Hip-Hop label Urbnet to release his much awaited debut album Everything Has Its Thyme. In only a year’s time he has been featured in Complex Canada’s 11 Rising Black Canadian Artists You Should Know, and by Exclaim as one of 8 Emerging Artists You Need to Hear. Last year his hit single 3 Dimension reached #1 on CBC radio 3 and was put on heavy rotation on CBC’s The Block. The album also remained in the !earshot national top 10 Hip-Hop charts for 6 months this past year. His last single off the album Lost Boys also received much success, winning the category for Best Music Video North America at the Munich Music Video Awards.

Currently Milla is working closely with Vancouver based, grammy and juno nominated producer Jonny Tobin for his next upcoming releases.