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Robin BB Art

Montreal, QC

Robin BB is a local Montréal artist who makes handmade, artisan-grade (professional) watercolour paints from ethically sourced mineral pigments and also from locally sourced plants. A watercolour painter of many years, Robin began making handmade paints to find a more ethical approach to art and to avoid additives used in many commercial paint brands. nnMade with handmade vegan watercolour binder, these paints contain no additives and showcase the unique characteristics of each pigment.nnRobin offers a large range of colours and sets of paints, and all watercolours can be used by both professional artists and those just getting started with painting. nnRobin BB also offers prints and cards featuring their illustrations and handmade paints. nnYou can find more information and videos of their process on Instagram @robinbbart.