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Santiago Tavera and Laura Acosta

Montreal, QC

Santiago Tavera and Laura Acosta are Colombian-Canadian artists based in Montréal. Their collaborative practice forges an intersection between Tavera’s investigation of virtual narratives and interactive environments in relation to the body, with Acosta’s exploration of identity through performance and textile pieces. Through this, they create site specific immersive experiences and expanded performances that highlight the perspectives of displacement and the ‘other’. Their body of work “The Novels of Elsgüer” has been developed since 2017 and is composed of 5 large scale transdisciplinary installations that are referred to as “episodes” within the series. Each “episode” combines technological setups with physical and corporeal elements in order to explore notions of belonging and representation through surreal imagery. Ultimately, this body of work invites viewers to experience a sense of dislocation in order to test the boundaries between body/environment, and viewer/performer.