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TiKA is a multi-disciplinary artist, film composer, artistic director, cultural curator, NFT and Web3nconsultant, and activist. TiKA makes an impression on everyone she encounters and is a strongnadvocate for female artists and creatives.nTiKA added film scoring to her repertoire in 2019 after graduating from the Canadian FilmnCentre in 2021. To date she has scored 8 short films, 4 cartoon series, 4 feature films and is then2022 Canadian Academy Award Winner for best original music in the film “Learn To Swim.”nThis year, TiKA started her first non-for-profit organization, StereoVisual, which aims to teachnmarginalized musicians and producers how to transition into making music for film in an effort toncreate equity in the film industry.nAs a musician, TiKA has opened for major R&B heavyweights like John Legend + NAO and isnlisted by Complex Magazine as “One of the most prolific creatives in Toronto.”nTiKA’s debut album was released in Spring of 2021. Aptly titled “Anywhere But Here,” it servesnas a brilliant indication of her unique voice, as well as her distinctive resonance and personalitynas a developed artist. With many critics internationally hailing “Anywhere But Here” as one ofnthe most powerful releases of 2021.nIn addition, TiKA was the only Canadian musician to model for Sephora 2 years in a row. Hernbillboards can be seen all across Canada.nWhile her vocation as an ambassador and creator of music has been well established, hernimage and sound as a new artist is being unleashed to make a very durable impression in ordernto gracefully provide what this generation has been missing musically.n2022 will see the relaunch of the artistic side of TiKA.