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Montreal, QC

I was born in Ecuador where I learnt the very basics of ceramics 20 years a go. I am an artist by nature and have always thrived in creative fields such as design and pottery. After the 2016 earthquake in my home country, I questioned my life choices and decided to pursue a carrer as a ceramicist; learning from local artists and in a petite studio at home. In 2019, I moved to Montreal with my new husband , opened my small ceramic studio at a local art centre and that´s when WAMBRA CERAMICS was born. My goal as an artist, is to create honest and simple objects that give joy and a sense of luxury to the ones that use them. I chose clay as my main médium, due to the unlimited possibilities I can create with it. Clay is not forgiving and teaches patience, but it is also amazing to work with it once creativity burst. With WAMBRA CERAMICS, I would like to offer accessible art pieces to everyone interested.