James Oscar

James Oscar

Black Beyond the Box

Ari Swan, Chris Murdoch, James Oscar James Spooner and Julie Richard
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James Oscar

From Montreal

James Oscar is an art critic and writer. His work explores complex social identities, either examining how they are deployed in visual and performative arts. He is presently a researcher conducting research regarding the sociology and anthropology of art at INRS, in Montreal (QC). His thesis work focuses on notions of creativity and innovation first among diverse performing artists in Montreal, and, broadly, looking at theories of creativity propagated by all categories of artists working in urban contexts in a global context. He also studies independent and experimental art scenes and movements in Montreal in comparison to a global context. He is Associate Curator for Sphère(s), un nouvel événement international en art contemporain. He was most recently a curatorial consultant at the Musée des Beaux-Arts de Montréal, for the exhibition From Africa to the Americas: Face-to-Face Picasso, Past and Present. James is a regular consultant and public lecturer and moderator of panel discussions at Radio Canada, Musée de Beaux Arts, Festival TransAmériques, INRS, Maison d’Afrique. ., He regularly contributes to art publications such as Esse, Canadian Art, The Dance Current.

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