Jo-Anne La Flèche

Jo-Anne La Flèche

Surviving the Post-Performance High

Ayan Mahdi Jo-Anne La Flèche and Rhys Hall
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Jo-Anne La Flèche

From Montreal, QC

Jo-Anne La Flèche is a clinical and performance psychologist. She has worked in private practice and taught psychology for 30 years. Ms La Flèche pursued graduate studies in somatics and obtained a Master’s degree in Dance. As of 2012, she became the resident psychologist at L’École Supérieure de Ballet du Québec, where she provides counseling sessions and dance/movement therapy workshops, conducts lectures and teaches psychology and pedagogy to educators. She is a member of the Healthy Dancer Canada Board of Directors and co-chairs the Resources Committee. She is part of the Performing Arts Medicine Association where she gave a poster presentation in 2017, and a lecture in 2019. She has written articles for The Dance Current and the Dance USA Task Force on Dancer Health. One of which concerns Post-Performance Depression.

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