Puces POP Édition Hivernale 2019

À la maison bleue, Adam & Mila, Alice Demée, Allo Simonne, Amango cacao, Anakiel, Art Andina, Atelier Laedy, Atelier Lapasse, Atelier Loubot, Atelier Margaux & Edouard, B Factory, Badaboöm Studio, Bar à plantes MTL, Beading for Life Kenya, Bien à vous studio, Boho Montréal, BUTR, Charlotte Tricote, Clark & James, Collage, COW GOES MOO, Cucamanga, Des enfantillages, DEUX Cosmétiques, Dot & Lil, Dréa Collage, Embody Soap Co., États d’âme visuels, Eugenie bee, fauna jr., Fil&Coton, Floramaille, Floressentia, Forward Thinking Natural Skin Care, Gen. Company, GROOM, Hamie Robitaille, haricot mini, Holly MacKinnon, îlot culture, JOLANTA GLASS ART CONCEPT, Kharitès, Kid's Stuff [Trucs d'enfants], La Lavette, savonnerie artisanale, La Pimenterie, Laucolo, LB2 Studio, Le monde est scone, Les Microcosmes, Les Miraculeuses, Les Vides Anges, Liberterre Apothecary, Lily au bois dormant, lloma, Lord Violet, Lost Apostle, Lükky, Madame Dibou les gâteaux, Maëlle&Fanny, Magazine Grilled cheese, Maison Stoï, Manba, Marie-France Labrosse, Mark's Hot Sauce, Marlone Montreal S.E.N.C., mudmud, Najeli Jewelry, NIMNY, Nom Féminin, Oak & Awl, Once Again, Papa jays bbq, Pascale Atelier, Petit Loulou, Phil Math, Possibles Éditions, Ronron.club, Sara Mali Jewelry, Saulice, Sedna, SELV, Simone BélangerC, SimplementEarrings, Sonambula, Sous-Bois, Spilt Milk, SWENN, TableWear par Katy Lemay, Tat Design, Tignasse, Tricia Robinson Illustration, U MAIN, Uncle Uhlman, Urban Wrapper, Virginie Laliberté wellDunn and YOGANG

Kristell Geffroy is the creator of the Montreal brand of ethical clothing, knitwear and accessories, SWENN. Of French origin and settled in Montreal for 9 years she worked as a fashion designer in the textile industry before launching her own high-end brand inspired by the traditional fisherman clothing.

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