Vanessa Kanga

Vanessa Kanga

Building New Bridges: Touring beyond N.A. and Europe

Jawad Elajnad, Jordan Corso Steve Dagenais and Vanessa Kanga
N / A

Vanessa Kanga

From Montreal, QC

Vanessa Kanga is the founder and designer of Afropolitan Nomad Festival, an art festival committing to put culture at the service of citizen participation. This nomadic festival, founded in 2012, aims to tour Africa by bringing artists from both the North and the South to the heart of awareness and citizen involvement. First held in Cameroon in 2012, Afropolitan found its home in the Ivory Coast this past June. The festival has a network of 450 artists and professionals from 20 francophone countries and has hosted hundred concerts on the continent in the past six years.

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