Film POP Ciné-Club

Film POP launches a new Montreal Ciné-Club

Absolute Beginners

« Recalling Coppola’s exuberant One from the Heart (1982) in style, yet ultimately dealing with its own time and place, Absolute Beginners tackles race and the onset of gentrification in Great Britain with great – if naïve – vigor! »


« Rock ‘n’ Roll High School is the ultimate ode to teenage rebellion! So lace your Converse sneakers, sneak in the PBR and gabba gabba hey! »


« Following a young martial arts trainee looking for the power of “The Glow,” Schultz proves once again his unique knack for combining Blaxploitation narratives with the high intensity of the musical (and, of course, the cross-promotion of a specific music label). »

Beyond the Lights

« ...A feminist melodrama for the Beyonce™ era that expertly navigates issues of black femininity and agency within the accelerated and destructive surface play of the mainstream pop music world. »