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Bell Orchestre Presents: House Music + La vie d’artiste

Cinéma Moderne





Bell Orchestre Presents
House Music + La vie d’artiste
Cinéma Moderne

$12 in advance only

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House Music
Kaveh Nabatian│Canada, 2021│45 min
House Music might have begun as an attempt to salvage their album release following a string of COVID-related tour cancellations, but Montreal band Bell Orchestre and director Kaveh Nabatian have ultimately created a singular, immersive audiovisual experience in the woodlands of Rivière-Perdue with this concert film. A stunning blend of dissolving textures, colours, and sounds.

La vie d’artiste
Frédérique Bérubé│Canada, 2021│47min
Mehdi Cayenne stars in Frédérique Bérubé’s musical fable, La vie d’artiste. Across arresting landscapes and oneiric interiors, La vie d’artiste brims with striking cinematography, infectious tunes, and no shortage of youthful humour.