Multiple Selves

Ukrainian Federation



Gratuit | Free


Multiple Selves is a performance piece of 3 choir members mimicked the sound that was generated by the text-to-speech application created by the artist. The text-to-speech application was based on the International Pronunciation Alphabet of English Words. The syllables are exaggerated by randomly alternating the pitch, length and tone of the pronunciations. There are 3 songs in this project titled Glitch Ghosts Glitch is Error and Ghost Echoes. Songs were generated by typing some text from the artist and some quotations from Glitch Feminism written by Legacy Russell(2020).

This project aims to create computer-generated voices that can suggest the possibility of non-gendered voices. When we communicate with virtual assistants; we command and they answer. Even though we know this is not a real human, psychologically we are having a conversation as if speaking to a human being because our language function in our brain is triggered the same way as a person-to-person conversation (Nass and Brave ch.8)