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Alma’s Rainbow

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POP Montreal & FNC present:
Alma’s Rainbow
Ayoka Chenzira | USA, 1994 | 89 min
OCT 2, 3:30 PM, Cinéma Moderne

From Milestone Films comes one of the most vital rediscoveries of the year. Rainbow Gold is a young Black woman living firmly under her mother’s thumb and navigating the newfound world of femininity and relationships. Tomboyish and rebellious, Rainbow habitually ditches her strict parochial school to perform in Prospect Park with her fledgling dance crew. Her mother Alma, in addition to trying to keep Rainbow on the straight and narrow, runs a successful hair salon in their brownstone parlour and contends with the frequent advances of tedious suitors. Both women want more from life, and from each other, but it takes the return of Alma’s sister Ruby after a 10-year absence to shake up their routine and break the stalemate once and for all. As with Daughters of the Dust (1991) in 2016, this gorgeous restoration is sure to cement Alma’s Rainbow’s place in the American independent film canon.