Film POP

Calliari, QC + Pour de vrai (For Real)

Cinéma Moderne







POP Montreal & Cinemania present:
Calliari, QC
Anita Aloisio | Canada, 2022 | 48 min
Pour de vrai (For Real)
Ugo Mangin | France, 2022 | 54 min

OCT 1, 3:30 PM, Cinéma Moderne

With Calliari, QC and Pour de vrai (For Real), Film POP presents two indefatigable performers leaping out of their comfort zones and towards new forms of expression. For Marco Calliari, an established metal and Italian-language singer-songwriter based in Montreal, the risk is writing and releasing his first album in French. For Yann-Wilfred Bella Ola, the French-Cameroonian rapper known as Ichon, it’s a pivot to singing and playing piano on his debut LP. Both come up against the expectations, pressures and systemic limitations of their respective environments, which aren’t always amenable to change. Poignantly relevant for Montreal audiences, this screening is sure to spark a conversation about Quebec’s music industry and shine a new light on the realities of working musicians.