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Art POP + Art Volt Present: performance series, part 1

On Sunday August 21st from 2pm-5pm at L’Entrepôt77 (77 Bernard E.) Art POP and the Art Volt Collection (Concordia University) invite you to a series of performances by Concordia’s graduating students + recent alumni in the Mile End. Part 1 includes 2 performances ; part 2, on Sunday September 4th, comprises 4 performances.


Ambulation (Mélanie Reid)
2pm – 2:30pm

Ambulation is a twenty-minute performance invading Entrepôt 77. Animated by eight artists, the curiosity cabinet will roam around the site as if they belonged there. If the public is nice, they might take pictures with them like mascots; if no one is around, they might keep their hostile attitude. When the time’s up, the creatures are called back to the woods where they disappear, unleashed. Watch out as they might invade your backyard next.

Ana Banana Breaks Bread (Alex Apostolidis + Max Holzberg)
3pm – 5pm

Ana Banana was born to be a star – at least, she thinks so… After failing auditions to VJ at MuchMusic, Ana’s new train to fame is being an influencer. Ana is hired as LGBTDevelopment’s (Let’s Get Building Together Development Co.) first brand ambassador. LGBTDevelopment have their finger on the pulse, they’re “ethical”, Queer, and cool and know that their newly purchased site is the Mile End’s hottest space, L’Entrepot 77. Envisioning a slightly different future, they are transforming L’Entrepot 77 into a 13-story luxury condo – they won’t ruin the vibe, they’ll just enhance it! LGBTDevelopment enlists Ana to host a community picnic to warm the community up to the project (and possibly be her next MuchMusic audition tape).

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