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Wednesday September 22, 2021

POP Symposium: Skipper Dean in conversation with Andy Williams

POP Symposium – More Than Music with Giselle Fletcher

POP Symposium – Kind of a Big Deal – Publicity for Independent Artists

POP Symposium – Roaring 20s

POP Symposium: Cakes Da Killa in conversation with Aiza

Empty Nesters – Rialto Clubhouse

Bad Skin – Rialto Clubhouse

The Flamingos Pink – Rialto Rooftop

WITCHYRICH – Rialto Clubhouse

Dorothea Paas – Rialto Rooftop

AIZA + Wayne Tennant + Karen Sandoval-Santana – La Sala Rossa

The Besnard Lakes + Vanille – Théâtre Rialto

Thursday September 23, 2021

POP Symposium – Writing Genealogy and History through Artmaking

POP Symposium – Everything TV

POP Symposium and Art POP Present: Anahita Norouzi and Code Blanc

POP Symposium – Releasing Records Into the Void

Welcome John – Rialto Clubhouse

The Kommenden – Rialto Clubhouse

Douance – Rialto Clubhouse

Art POP – Immersive Rooftop Performance

Nick Schofield – Rialto Rooftop

Hansom Ēli + Tiberius b – Le Ministère

Laura Niquay + Kae Sun + Claire Morrison – Théâtre Rialto

Friday September 24, 2021

POP Symposium – Redefining Emergence

POP Symposium – Music-making as Racial Solidarity

POP Symposium – Going Viral

POP Symposium – Concert Promotion in Montreal, Then & Now

Jono – Rialto Clubhouse

Gus Englehorn – Rialto Clubhouse

Burry – Rialto Clubhouse

Maryze – Rialto Rooftop

Le Ren – Rialto Rooftop

Ada Lea + Fanclubwallet + Cedric Noel – La Sala Rossa

Firemen + El Coyote + Li’l Andy + Katie Moore + Sin & Swoon – Théâtre Rialto

Saturday September 25, 2021

POP Symposium – Podcasting the Pandemic

POP Symposium – Art and Anti-Gentrification Movements

POP Symposium – Labour Lobbying In Music

POP Symposium – The Grand Reopening

Art POP – POP Reads

Home Body – Rialto Clubhouse
Asuquomo – Rialto Clubhouse

Alicia Clara – Rialto Clubhouse

SUUNS + Dishwasher – Théâtre Rialto

Population II + Hot Garbage + Alias + Meggie Lennon

Sunday September 26, 2021

A picnic in the sun: Clerel, Geneviève Toupin & Jérôme Minière -Théâtre Rialto

POP Symposium – Lotus Collective presents: Building Community in Artistic Industries

Fernie – Rialto Clubhouse

Le Ren – Rialto Rooftop

Islands + Menno Versteeg – Théâtre Rialto