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  • POP Montreal #14 :: FINAL ANNOUNCE Playlist

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    It’s here, it’s real, it’s now! Yesterday we unveiled our COMPLETE LINE-UP for POP Montreal 2015! We know you just can’t wait for the fest, so we’ve made some playlists to keep that excitement fresh. Listen to these while counting down the days.

  • POP Montreal #14 :: 3rd Announce Playlist

    3AnnouncePOPMontrealEN 3AnnouncePOPMontrealEN

    We just announced the THIRD wave of artists playing the 14th edition of POP Montreal festival! Listen to our playlists below! 2015 FESTIVAL ARTISTS Albert Hammond Jr. – Alex Calder – Anthrax – Ariel – Arto Lindsay – B+ aka Brian Cross of Mochilla – Babes in Toyland – Barbara Lynn – Babysitter – The… Read More