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Marché des Possibles

An open air market

Marché des Possibles is a public open-air space featuring a free and diversified socio-cultural programming that includes musical performances, screenings of films and activities for children. On the premises, you will also find a bar and a biergarten, a market with artists and artisan creations, as well as delicious food provided by local chefs and pop-up restaurants.

About Marché des Possibles

POP Montreal and the Plateau-Mont-Royal borough collaborated in 2014 to launch the Marché des Possibles, an open air market located in the park and parking lot adjacent to Arena St. Louis.

Day or night, come to enjoy the very best this neighbourhood has to offer- cultural events, family programming, artisanal market, fresh fruits and vegetables, biergarten, music, film, leisure activities, community spirit and much, much more!

Where To Find Us

The MDP is located in the beautiful green park adjacent to the Aréna St. Louis, as well as part of the parking lot.

The name of the Marché des Possibles was inspired by the project Champ des Possibles, a unique and magical wilderness park in the Mile-End situated along the railway between the streets Casgrain and Henri Julien.

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