A word about accessibility in our venues

We are very proud to announce that once again, POP Quarters will be accessible for people with reduced mobility, in order to go to the different floors of the Rialto Complex, thanks to the addition of mechanical ramps (Stair-Trac) from Maison André Viger. Note that for the summer of 2024, MDP is located at 5705 avenue de Gaspé and not at Entrepot77. The accessibility remains the same as Entrepot77 and is on a gravel ground.

Please note that we take the issue of accessibility and inclusivity in our venues very seriously in our search for spaces. We can ask venue owners to take steps towards making their spaces accessible and inclusive, however we do not have the final say in the management of these spaces.

Want to support inclusivity and accessibility initiatives? Giving your time (or your money!) to an organization such as Keroul will help their members reach their accessibility goals!