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Find POP Montreal

5585 ave du Parc

Montreal (QC)

H2V 4H2

t: 514-842-1919
f: 514-664-1063

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Meet our team

  • Dan Seligman

    Creative Director

  • Eric Cazes

    Director of Operations

  • Jennifer Dorner

    Executive Producer

  • Claire Thomas-Leitao

    Human Resources, Office Manager - Espace POP, and Brand Partnerships Coordinator

  • Roxanne Lemieux

    Marketing and Communications Director

  • Jérémy Spellanzon

    Press Relations Coordinator

  • Haben Tekie

    Artist Relations & Ticketing Director

  • Jessica Barry

    Public Funding

  • Lionel Fisse

    Financial Manager

  • Mallika Guhan

    Online Content & Community Coordinator

Our Board of Directors

  • Jonathan Moyal

  • Alexis O'Hara

  • Gene Kruger

  • Geneviève Fabio

  • Omar Husain

  • David Dufresne

  • Courtney Montour

  • Aïcha Gerba

  • Marie-Eve Bernard

  • Simon-Pierre Diamond

  • Natalia Yanchak

  • Delphine Poux

  • Vincent Hamel