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Alix Fernz

Montreal, QC

Scratchy, contrasting and labyrinthine, songs from Alix Fernz (f.k.a. Blood Skin Atopic) venture deep into post-punk’s scalene enclave, also flirting with hypnagogic pop, resulting in a lo-fi hybrid between synthwave and alternative rock, topped with catchy yet kooky melodies. Singing about bar life, psychosocial disorders, drug, addiction and fear, while drawing inspiration from high heels, lipstick, transvestism, fashion and weirdos, the singer-songwriter lays out along masqued syllabic beats the accounts of a coming-of-age in an era wherein likes and memes are all the rage. The Montrealer offers “Wax”, a first single under his new moniker, to be released on September 12th, 2023 via Mothland.