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Douance is a new musical entity inspired by the grunge scene, the 90’s and female music. Its style is largely associated with the need to free oneself of restraints and to let out individual expression that has too long been subdued. This music has a raw, unrefined, lo-fi style that is innate and unpretentious. It is through these qualities that
Douance hopes to creatively evolve.

Their first EP was composed and written throughout winter 2018 following a creative isolement. After her first concert as an opening to Julie Doiron, the artist meets the key characters to the records’ future production and direction. Douance’s first EP regroups performances by Alexandrine Rodrigue (composition, voice, guitars), Julie Doiron (drums, voice) and Dany Placard (production, bass, guitars).

The music of Douance is sincere and bold. It is the consolidation of beauty and shame, an ode to vulnerability and a cry to eternal love before its end.