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La Route Chante: Hommage à Lhasa

Montreal, QC

Lhasa de Sela was an artist whose powerful presence and songs transcended language and bridged borders by plumbing the archetypes of human experience. Today, almost 15 years after her death, her songs live on. These two nights at the Rialto, in the neighbourhood Lhasa called home, we gather a combination of friends, collaborators and a newer generation of artists she influenced to perform and celebrate her songs.

POP Montreal and Opak Productions, in collaboration with Lhasa’s family, present a night with members of Lhasa’s last two bands bringing her songs to life, with performances by Feist, Calexico, Juana Molina, Silvana Estrada, Klô Pelgag, Myriam Gendron, Bibi Club, Helena Deland, La Force, The Barr Brothers, Laurence Anne, Yves Desrosiers, Samantha de la Vega, and the Stone Bonnet Choir, under the musical direction of Joe Grass.